What inspired me to explore the world by Travelling

So what does traveling mean to you. So what can I say, whether it’s going somewhere new that is only two — three away or somewhere halfway across the world.

Traveling in a meaning means relaxation, meditation, it allows one to have unforgettable experiences. For some guys here traveling means going to a new city. Some think about experiencing new things learning culture, their food, their language.

On the other hand, some think of it as a way to escape work or college, some go cause their friends forced them to come, some are going just to get likes for Instagram.

Traveling is like an art, you are forgetting the social life and concentrating on the world. Traveling overcomes your stress, depression. Travelling teaches us that life isn’t just working and retiring. If you say your travelling cause of work, dude that’s not travelling. Traveling is enjoying your life cause you only live once. When you want to travel it’s not just travelling with family and friends and having a good time but it’s about feeling free and overcoming dangerous obstacles in nature. Travelling is somehow trying something new, so when you travel you collect memories, you share your stories with everyone. So when you’re old as the tortoise you get to tell your adventures to your kids and also to your grand kids.

So what made me get inspired about wanting to travel ?

When I started my blogs about motivation, I witnessed a traveller from Instagram, when I thought let’s just see her pics, I liked her pic which she took from her travels from trek, I thought wow… then I opened her account and felt in love with her adventures of traveling. I felt inspired by each and every picture from her travels.

Never witnessed that she’s quiet a dreamer and how she inspired me to travel.

So who is she you ask ?..

This traveler here is Shramona Poddar, who from a young age have traveled India from Kashmir to Himachal Pradesh to Munnar and places you have never been too. Starting from her life from Chandannagar which is from Kolkata, she has influenced her passion of traveling to places in the snow and to the sea, she has battled the raging cold of the mountains. She often loves going solo whenever it comes to travelling, going to local areas, tasting food, I love how she plans her trips and makes sure it’s off her bucket list. She enjoys talking to local people whether small or old, she enjoys their culture and one thing it inspires me that she’s ready be ready for any situation that comes your way, to be able to act confident to handle things a certain way when things go south is a must.

This people who inspires everyone makes me feel motivated, when I went through Shramona , it made me feel I’m the one travelling,

Another group of people I got inspired are the wonderful couple ‘ Bruised Passports' the couple travelers Sami and Vidit who have traveled atmost the world, these couple who are married spend their lives travelling, I don’t know how they finance their travels, I really adored their spirit of traveling the world, seeing how they travel and share their adventures makes me jealous and wanting to explore the world.

And lastly the greatest travel blogger of all time, Daniel James who is one of my inspiration who has shown a great work in photography and writing, Daniel or his pen name Dan flying solo is a British traveller who has travel half the world.

He’s an amazing writer with tons of useful tips, and is an even better photographer.

His photography has also been published in Beautiful Destination, Travel & Leisure, National Geographic, Travel Channel and Matador Network

Another traveller I aspire is Ankita Kumar, I have a small crush on her but loved her travelling to different parts of India. I love how she keeps her profile colorful and how she dates in her adventures. I really hope I could travel one adventure with her

You see travel is amazing because the exposure to new cultures makes you a better person. There is nothing more inspiring and eye opening than leaving your hotel and going for a walk in a strange city.

The noises you hear, food you smell and conversations you catch snippets of. Each of these add strings to the fabric of your soul.

So why you waste your time working till you become old, die without memories, struggle the life of parenthood, when you’re a youth you should travel cause you only live once. So what I do to plan is I connect with travellers and most of the bloggers I meet, get the ideas and set plans and insha’Allah if the times comes after my studies, I want to travel with adventures, danger and excitment and share my stories to close ones. Firstly travel with people like shramona or any traveller who travels.

So plan your trip, don’t think as a vacation where you want to rest, feel the love of traveling and witness mother nature.



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Isaiah Miyazaki

Isaiah Miyazaki


my life is full of adventures. I am guy without a business mind but the guy with a creative mind. I spend my free time in writing inspiration and spread joy