The Tale Of The Journey of the Two Gals

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Have you ever witnessed what it takes in going to trips. It’s not about the journey but the adventure. When traveling in the road it’s means you’re in another world. You don’t just see highways or anything but you get to see villages, different people, sceneries, etc. These girls went on journey of their lives by travelling in a caravan. These two took this journey through Sikkim to next level

So who are they you may ask?

These are one of my favourite travellers who I followed and made me also to have likenesses to travel.

They are Ankita Kumar and Shanaya Iyer. These two are content creators. So I don’t where they are but one of them are from Mumbai and other from Bengaluru.

Their love for travel took them to the next level. So they travel in a caravan in some group I presume called the 'Caravan Chronicles’.

So the duo spent an entire month travelling through the towns and villages of Sikkim while living in a caravan named Luna. So i don’t know how they got so inspiration to travel in a tempo turned Caravan.

So I don’t how they got this idea of traveling to these places but what I know from them is that these two Gals got this idea from a biker.

So this is what Ankita said,

“ we who had observed the concept of caravaning throughout his travels in Europe. When he shared the idea with me, I was totally game, and in 2017, we travelled across the country, from Kerala to Himachal Pradesh for 100 days in a Matador. That was the Season one of Caravan Chronicles.”

Now that’s inspiration!..

So what I followed during their travel vlogs is that Sharanya joined them during kutch

So these two have met each other and now they’re travelling together to Sikkim.

So what’s the story for them to travel to Sikkim?

This is what they said in some post I followed,

Lunaaaaa to all of you! 
It's been quite a journey to get her in shape. @monkey.incand @trulynomadly have been a two person team for a while now, but the minute they hit Gangtok, the local people went to unfathomable lengths to help fix her up over the past 3 days. One long, painful all-nighter and another mentally exhausting scary mignight garage rendezvous later, she is finally bright and happy on this sojourn around Sikkim!

Back in Bangalore, when she was first painted blue, the colour was totally messed up. We didn't know any better, and it turned out very dark and meh. After a whole week of paint prep, we had to go back to the drawing board for a second time. And that's when we got her to this minty fresh blue which we absolutely loved. But with Indian vehicle modification laws, came the decision to wrap her in white vinyl sticker to get her across state borders without cop issues. Once she hit Siliguri though, with the white sticker, out came many sections of our yummy blue! 😭

So if you see their posts, you can see the beauty of Sikkim’s landscape. I don’t know which part of Sikkim they traveled but what I know is their adventure was just magical, you can see those green and beautiful hills, when you close your eyes you can actually feel how they witnessed the cool breeze while travelling, their cultural adventures with visiting monasteries and interactions with from the Bhutan monks. Especially loved that story with all those monk cuties.

So they really captured their attention to all veiwers, the women also mention that the state has some of the friendliest people they have ever met.

“We were mesmerised by their stories which opened our eyes to the rich history of Sikkim’s many communities,” they add.

They trip has indeed achieved their lives and has supported women empowerment. But what they had in mind to disprove most people who wondered about what exactly would they do for so long.

But you know haters goin to hate.These women have the guts. They are quite attached to the journey especially with their van which was a constant companion, as it managed to pull through the toughest terrains in Sikkim.

I don’t know where they got so much funds but what I presume is that they were financed by a couple of well-known brands,what I know is maybe from Jockey women cause I see they promote them alot. So it has been documented to be released as a web series. But for me I can’t wait to see their travels and hoping to travel with two beauts in season 3 if they call me but can’t wait.



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