Supporting your parents though they don’t want you to support than deciding what they want on your career

Before I start my article I have got this question while staying in college, I’m still doing my degree in Bcom Acca. I am having a feeling of uncomfortably of doing my Acca papers. I’m from Sri Lanka and I am doing my final year in my university. I did my Acca paper in F9 on June this year , I tried my very hard best , though I know doing my Acca paper was the hardest decision I made in life. Most of the students in my college could not clear, but I gave it a shot, but I got 42. Parents scolded me for failing and told that I just wasted Thier money. Now I don’t want to just fight with my parents. I just can’t tell them that I’m not comfortable doing my Acca and wanted to quit and my SAP. But things got worse when the immigration office stated that I have only a year to stay in India. My parents are now tension and now want me to finish Acca in one shot. The thing is me having a degree in is having no future in Sri Lanka since there is considered a low job career as there ACCA is globally recognised there so my parents have decided me to finish all the papers. I don’t like this and I cursed myself that why I’m living this shitty world. I had plans for joining MBA in Tokyo or doing my SAP. But now I’m stuck with this Acca. Now, I just sat here thinking what will I do now, should I do or just surrender my parents , my friends too told me to leave pursue my dream. But my parents are behind me scolding me for not clearing. I have no plans then something just stuck me one day , that since I can’t let my parents down nor I can’t stop my dreams why don’t I do both.

So if you’re parents too are stressing you I got tips from a psychologist or counselor and she said these things

If i may never be able to fully convince my parents that acting is the right career choice for me. They could warm up to my choice as years pass and you continue to display your dedication, but they may never be absolutely in love with your chosen life path. This is totally OK. There are some things that I can do, however, to make it easier to relate to my parents—and to give myself a peace of mind—as I pursue my dream I have to follow certain steps.

1. Allow your parents to have their own opinions. Understand that your parents were raised in a different generation than you and had access to a different range of opportunities, ideas, and career possibilities than you have. Understand that they are doing the best that they can—that they feel they are protecting you, and speaking to your best interests when they warn you about your career choice.

Rather than pushing back, or trying to “prove” your parents wrong, acknowledge and honor your parents’ opinions and perspectives as their own. Once you stop resisting their resistance, you will feel a lot more at ease.

2. Stay true to yourself and your dreams. The worst thing that you can do is adopt your parents’ fears as your own. Stay in touch with your dreams and your reasons for pursuing this career path. Why have you chosen to become an actor? Reflect on this regularly. Know why you are doing what you are doing and allow that reason to motivate you each and every day.

3. Be responsible. One of the best ways to ease tensions with parents and family is to demonstrate your ability to live independently and support yourself financially. Most likely, your parents want you to be able to support yourself financially, and they want you to be happy. So create a financially abundant and happy life for yourself! If acting doesn’t yet pay your bills, find flexible work that interests you. Take up hobbies and build a supportive community of friends for yourself. Once your parents see you living independently and fulfilled, chances are they will express fewer fears and worries.

4. Work hard. This profession requires a lifetime of hard work and dedication. Be committed to your career, to developing yourself creatively, professionally, and personally, and do something to move your career forward every single day. Eventually, this hard work will pay off and you will find yourself so immersed in fulfilling work that you love that your parents’ opinions won’t really matter anymore.

Also, guess who will likely be the first people to celebrate your big career successes? Your parents.

5. Have fun. The whole reason that you decided to act is because it’s so much fun, right?! Don’t forget this. Have fun pursuing your dream! Your joy is contagious. Who knows, perhaps you will even inspire your parents to take up some hobbies or pursue some passions and dreams of their own.

So I’m willing to take the risk and hoping that I turns out right . listen to what they say, do whatever they say, take the risk and later do yours sincerely still the days young and still I we can try to pursue our dream, try not making enemies with your parents and keep your respect so that they can support you,so good luck.

By Isa Taariq Mutaliph



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Isaiah Miyazaki


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