Stop Working As A Employee And Start Your Own

People in the new generation always have some start up idea. You don’t just start cause you have experience, this matters when you are innovative enough to start getting your shit done and start enlighten your business ideas to the people. People as employees always think to their selves after graduation, that once they are graduated, their aim is work for 2–3 years, get some experience, then build a company. Others think the more you get experience in. Certificates the better to good job. The Unemployment rate keeps on rising even though there are experienced people. Now where’s that ? Getting your shit done, thinking about your future doesn’t help. Like Jim Rohn said

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.

People these days think a lot in future than thinking in the past.

I came across a person who worked for a long time in a firm, the employee here was a manager but was not paid well, nor was his employees, his boss would always tell that they had no sales and the company is losing money. But in truth they cheat their employees by just using the money to themselves. The poor manager here can’t afford for his financials to give his children to study more abroad cause of intolerance of his boss. The manager decides to leave the company but is scared that if he leaves the company, where will he get money to start and is always depending on people to help him. This happens to alot of employees who are working tirelessly but when starting a business are scared to do it. They work for 7- 10 years who are just working in the same company and are just disappointed in their job .The main problems for a employee who want to start but are scared because:

  • No Motivation
  • Thinking of Costs
  • Regretting they should have left early
  • Thinking they should have done more experience certificates

The world has become about high marks and more certificates. Your doom happens whenever you are going to a University or college. They main thing a interviewer would say,

“How much is your passing percentage”

And when it comes to job the interviewer would ask how much experience do you have.

People are living with experience and future and not thinking of the present.

If you have seen the movie the wolf of wall Street you will be inspired that it doesn’t take to have experience, certificates but just get your ass up and innovate yourself by starting something small and getting your business higher.

To tell the truth in a business world of startups 70% of them are not graduates and are mostly dropouts and are more successful than any other gratuates. Don’t believe me ask Bill Gates…

So how would you start a business?

Thomas Watson Sr. Says — — —

“ To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.”

By taking a reference from my favourite speaker John Lee he explains How you can start a business is first think of your dream, second your thoughts and last your passion.By one of his inspirational learning I learned from him that life is not just working to improve yourself but how you can enjoy.

So how to start, the best way of starting business is by attracting traffic.

So if you’re just selling goods, a customers are just walking pass your workplace not interested in buying that’s when a business is not successful. So why find customer when you can use traffic in social media, you can promote by Instagram, Facebook or even emails to attract customers.

So why don’t you get an online shop, I prefer Shopify, as it’s one of the best e-commerce website to start business. These sites help in social media, paid advertisings and competion.

Next is how to navigate the business, you need to keep in mind how to start a product and learn how to lead your team in making a business product.

Lastly is testing, it’s important that before you sell your items, it’s important that you first keep as a trial and set up payments and then find out the risk and use those leads in converting your business successfully.

The main thing is that you should always have a business model. If you have seen my article, “Startup and how you can make into success”. You will get an quick idea how to start your business.

So that’s all what I can say, the best way for success is have your own creativity.



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Isaiah Miyazaki

Isaiah Miyazaki


my life is full of adventures. I am guy without a business mind but the guy with a creative mind. I spend my free time in writing inspiration and spread joy