“Failure”- The Next Step For Success

By Isa Taariq Mutaliph

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

—Thomas A. Edison

Today I am going to talk about failure is best way for Success. This topic struck to me two days back. I thought myself that after writing these articles I would become popular in my class, I would be adored, I tried posting to others to see my post. My very first success was the startup which was somewhere 31 views , I know guys it’s less but I felt proud and that’s how I kept on writing. Then while writing it came in mind why am I writing this… . Most of them just ignore my posts and just lie saying “ ya Isa I saw your post”. And when I asked what you liked they would be quiet. Seriously it’s been a month still my dad hasn’t complimented my hippy of writing articles. Second I thought I love writing to others, but scared to face the world to interact in stage. Third I try my hard best in my papers about finance and business yet I score less. I thought i won’t have a future, im useless. I wrote my last article “keyboard man”, still no views, I sent to 40 people out of which only 3 read ,5 viewed the post. I just quit doing this junk and I uninstalled the app.

Then yesterday I was watching eat pray love, loved the movie, I googled the author and learned that she too faced things like me. I learned from Elizabeth Gilbert that she too was a failure, starting from young age, then as a waitress, she sent her work to the press but could not succeed, then she thought what’s the use, she rather quit and go home and stop writing, she thought she was a failure but she tried and published which sold worldwide and got its movie .

Another example would be JK Rowling, her books Harry potter was rejected due to incorrect vocalabury but she wouldn’t give up, she took help from expert and published and now its one of the greatest books in the world.

I got inspired but then something came into my mind, when I used to post articles my professor said that though I wasn’t good in things I was creative , it looked like they had still hope that I could succeed, I reinstalled the app and check my stats , boy I was amazed 11k views and 886 read my post. Boy I wanted to celebrate and now I want to write every article that comes in mind and hope somehow, someday , somewhere I could be an example to later generation.

So there are ways in which you can succeed in failure . Think it like this, you live most of your life in human existence here where everything is normal and reassurance. Failure pushes you abruptly more over there into blinding darkness of disappointment and success pushes you far than ever to equal blinding glare of fame, recognition and praise. So one may object the world as bad and one would object as good but subconscious is certainly discerning difference between bad and good . The only capable of doing things is by knowing the value of the equation,the exact distance you have have flung. And there is an obvious danger between these two and you can choose to be at the same remedy for self restoration, and that is to find your way of expressing yourself as swiftly as you can, so to find yourself you need to know yourself first, think of the creativity of you like inventing, researching or farming, copying , etc , yourself is that you can dedicate your energies, with devotion that can be inconsequential. For me I had creativity of writing stories and poems, I watch way plenty of movies which also is bad thing of wasting your time but understand them and innovate yourself by writing your story, and as I wrote and felt unsure I realised that I needed to get my ass back to innovating myself, I wrote and got my strength and I felt happy for writing this things. So affection and addiction doesn’t work as we are staying in two types in the world, the only thing to know is trust yourself and show your devotion to work, learn your failure know your success, show great failure and great success and find yourself to reach to the top and try yourself no matter you are booed or ignored, the only thing is try again and again and again and I assure you can reach to the top as much as you want.

Thank you🤗 for reading..



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