Life’s A Road

I always imagined of running away, exploring things, visit new people, always thought of putting my stuff in the bag, getting ready for an adventure, I would feel excited for it but something always bugged me, something like a primal fear, something which would lead me to my boredom. So my life was always dream , where I could always go alone to the path, no one to bother me, I always dreamt costing new places, meeting new people, learning their ways, their language. Around my childhood dream my life was always ready to explore new life, new adventures and I always tempt that I do it solo.

Travelling is not just rejuvenating or a vacation. It’s not about staying in a hotel with family or friends is a vacation. It’s not about staying at your relatives house just because they stay in that area. I know that thing whenever my friends plan to go for trip. It’s ok if you stay in a hotel cause if you’re just staying in a city, then where’s the fun. Its a very small percentage of the actual "travelling experience".

Traveller John Matthew in one article said

Traveling is not about staying and having fun but the way of expressing mother nature

When I watch these lifestyle shows like David Rocco, Ishai Golan or Instagram travel personalities like Bruised passports, Sharamona poddar, Ankita Kumar or fernweh stories, Travelling is actually backpacking, it is more of interacting with new people and cultures.

When people travel, comfort has the least priority in their mind. It is basically challenging yourself to push your limits.

Travelling is like a book, meditation, you explore, you get hurt, scratched, bruised or even end up lost, thats memories.

Remember when you travel, you remember these things…

  • Explore the area:

When you travel you visit different different spots, each things you pass you mention in your diary to keep up your memories. It’s so important to discover new cultures and traditions followed by different peoples around the world. See how they live, their customs, how they greet others, If you are lost, try getting someone who knows the place.

  • Meet the people:

So when traveling just don’t bring your friends and hang out but meet new people, it lets you make new Friends forever. It starts with Sharing and Caring each other. If you haven’t met anyone or someone like you, then you have to go far away for that person. Friends gonna help you to learn new things and adopt new styles. I prefer local people whether young or old, it doesn’t matter, friends doesn’t age.

  • Enjoy food:

Food is the most important thing in travel. If you’re a foodie it’s important to taste new food, taste the cuisene, feel the taste, live with it, learn their recipe though some may not give. Tasting new food relaxes yourself. So if you’re vegetarian or strict religious habit, be aware of it.

  • Relax yourself:

Giving yourself time in a day is fruitful, and giving few days in the year will make you motivated and energized throughout the year. Refresh your mind and body and enjoy and place your phones, tablets, and laptops away from you. I too have this habit of phone but I promise when I’m going to travel I promise myself no social life…

  • Face it:

When you go for an adventure like hiking, skydiving, climbing,etc. Don’t go back, live the danger, face it. Any obstacles you face, be ready for it.

  • Your life is on payment:

Don’t be afraid. without money, I know without money you cannot do anything. Money shows your interests, your personality, your attitude, and your lifestyle. So save money, spend it on hotels which is worth, I recommend if you’re in India I prefer you stay in a place called zostel which is worth staying and you get to meet new people or travellers. When riding get a budget vehicle or a Scottie or a bullet bike, you will enjoy

  • Motivate yourself

Lifes a mystery ,a journey always makes you inspired and motivate you to do some creativity. Take a trip or go on a tour once in a month or two. You look energized, active, happy, strong, and confident. You’ll be more manageable and focused, yes, it’s natural.

We got one life and its very important to experience our home planet, its different geographies, topographies and people.

Human beings were not born to be machines who can be efficient in one or the other things. We won’t live long but each is a memory. These things like assets, currency, relationships etc came just to fulfill few basic needs. I feel its very important to get to few new places around the geographies and be a person who has actually seen the world and have had wide horizon of viewpoints. Nothing can beat the satisfaction of this success.

Before I finish please remember

It’s your road and yours alone, others may walk it for you . But no one can walk it for you



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Isaiah Miyazaki

Isaiah Miyazaki


my life is full of adventures. I am guy without a business mind but the guy with a creative mind. I spend my free time in writing inspiration and spread joy