I’m An Otaku and proud

People might be thinking why is this guy watching childlish cartoon. Well anime is like life for me, a boost and I learnt alot while becoming an Otaku.

I started becoming an anime lover in one year, but it seems I was a lover at the age of 10 when I first watched Naruto. At first I didn’t find it interesting but kept on watching. Slowly becoming interested in anime like One punch man, One piece, Fairy tail, High school of dead and realised I’ve been an Otaku all along.

I stopped watching anime when I started College. College was like a dot in me. I lost happiness and was in depression for 3 years. I had no reason to do what’s next.

Later I just browsed through youtube and came across Zombieland saga. I found it funny, so I started watching just one or two episodes. Suddenly a zinc came to me. I found my happiness and found a way of having fun. Slowly slowly I became interested by watching every anime one by one. Now I have a collection of manga and collectibles and found friends through amino and discuss views about anime.

Watching anime made me get ideas and I started writing blogs and stories and became obsessed with writing and sold over alot of stories under a name which I won’t disclose.

Another thing which made me become a hardcore lover was when I visited Japan. Once entering Japan, my life was changed by the lifestyle and nature of Japan. I became love with the city and wanted to be one with it.

After 2 years of learning Japanese and anime. I signed myself a goal to find a way to get to Japan and yes my dream did come true. I am now entering my life in Tokyo as a MBA student and will start my life there.

So anime has changed my life alot and have brought me happiness and ideas and proud to be an Otaku.



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Isaiah Miyazaki

Isaiah Miyazaki


my life is full of adventures. I am guy without a business mind but the guy with a creative mind. I spend my free time in writing inspiration and spread joy