How Games Can Change Your life?

by Isa Taariq Mutaliph

Before I talk about my topic here, i got a quick question, Do you like games?, Do you play everyday?, have you come across from your parents telling that you’re just wasting your time? if no then you’re a lucky guy. Some parents say that you’re just wasting time in games, you’re just ruining your career. tell me if i’m wrong. yes i too just waste time playing games but i do in limit. My little brother, he loves Minecraft, he plays a lot, it helps him get creative as if he’s in real world, but some use these skills for overuse, making them get sickness easily. So my question here is this, “Can Games really change you’re life” and for young ones or in my age, if you’re parents are talking about this show them. Especially parents, you got to read this article.

I’m a gamer too, and i have certain goals, I love playing missions and solving strategy games, so i’m going to show you guys on a special mission. lets take a example shall we…

You guys must be confused huh? You’ll thought i’m just going to show you a game, and why i’m showing you guys this puzzle?..

I have proff that it is possible to use maths, it makes sense, but if it does not make sense now, i’ll explain to you later. Just have a look at this puzzle right there, this puzzle right there you can see ?, thats my mission, i’ll make sure that you’re mission will be there after I end up my article. You’re mission is how you gonna spend after this extra minutes you spend reading my article. so this basically bonus rounds, you don't need this mission away.

You guys must be thinking why is this guy talking about, is he telling that we should start gaming?…

This is just a suggesion that i made to encourage readers, I just want to suggest that we play games all the time a week, now you guys think this guy think i’m wasting my time, lets go , but please read these and go..

How many of you guys play Angry Birds, is it a game about a flock of furious birds attacking those hogs, or is it a game used to overcome your anger, if you’e thinking about this, You’re wrong…

Rovio made Angry Birds for a reason, Angry birds was made so because it focuses our mind and soul, it uses us the strategy of playing the game, that’s why its quiet famous by having not one franchise, but many.

I heard this saying from someone older than me, so this man here is 45–50 , he saw me playing games, he said “I hate games, it harms the younger generation.” he says it will end lives. I want to take this problem seriously, I want to take games at the next level, I want to make it be used for the good in the world.

So we gamers are playing all the time games, so when we are in our death bed, will it be this question, why did we waste our time playing games, it may look weird but there is some good explanation I would like to share…

Let me explain, do you know what some of them said when I googled just now while researching,…

  1. I wish I worked hard
  2. I wished I spend my time with friends and family
  3. I wish I was happy
  4. I wish I had courage to express myself
  5. I wish had lived my dreams

I never heard anyone saying I wish I played more games…😂😂

But when I read this 5 things I would like to say games fulfil our lives, let’s take the first two points, you work hard enough to atleast spend your times with your children or you’re parents, that gives us a tremendous benefit. Parents who play video games like Wii has more benefit in bonding with their kids. Next friends, you’re wrong guys, you spend your time playing multiplayer games, take example of new trend games like fortnite or Pubg, they may be addictive but you spend your time with friends playing with each other, not only that every day, every year you get to meet any person around the world, my brother plays Minecraft, he gets to interact people every day, not only that it helps you to communicate freely. These games show that they are great relationship tool, they help us stay connected with people socially or otherwise we would grow apart. Take me for example, I’m a quiet person, I don’t mingle with anyone because we stay apart from family, so where’s the time to mingle with others, but since I joined Pubg, this really helped me mingle with people of the world socially.

Next I wish I was happy, here we see that people in social media enjoy 75% happy when they’re happy because they enjoy playing games socially, because they enjoy. Its used to clear out your anxiety and depression. Just use your time of atleast 30 mins just to boost your life, it gives a long term process of happiness.

Next , I wish to express myself, well you may be a nerd, you may be weird , you may be a tough guy, but scared to express yourself, well avatars can be used to express yourself, our most heroic to idolise ourselves. You may have seen this movie, Ready Player One, you might have seen, people making their own avatars, whether they’re boy or girl, no one cares, but if you see outside they’re just ordinary people. I changes our lives making us more courageous, more ambitious.

Last, I wish I could live to my dream, I have a question about this, so I would leave that for some time…

But this kept you’ll be wondering,.. why am I talking about these regrets.. I am a person who is quite lonly, I don’t like mingling anyone, I talk less, my communication is bad, and still is but I changed a little after I started playing games .

So now here, my question is how could games intervene personally? I would like to make a statement. Some people get stronger and happier when playing games, this is because the game is helping us experience what scientists call it traumatic growth.. we don’t hear this right?.. we hear post traumatic stress disorder. But now we know that traumatic doesn’t doom us at all, but we can use this to unleash our quality leading to happy lives. This shows that we have time for our family and friends. I have a personal life, I have a better goal in fulfilling my dreams, now guys does this things sound familiar?…

Ya I first talk about what regrets happened to when playing games, and now you can see what these post traumatic growth helps me change what we are. This shows that the post traumatic can unlock our ability to lead a life with regret, but how does it grow? I want to spread this phenomenon, so i just researched from books of psychology and googled stuff, and here’s what I found out, there are 4 things of strength that can be used to grow the usefulness of post traumatic growth. This will show how you can coop up and use these things. Now I could tell you these 4 things but I would like to combine all together rather than I start building all at once, so here’s what we’re going to do, let’s play a game, now this is your mission I talked you about.

Put your hands up in 30 secs….






If you put it up you’re an over achiever, otherwise you’re just wasting your time just reading this boring article.

If you did thats physical resilience which means that your body can withstand stress and heal faster.. so the one thing you can do is boost your physical resilience is not stay still. Every sec you put your arm up shows that you’re not staying still but actually improving your heart , lungs and brains..

Next try counting numbers backwards.. from 100,99,98,…… to 1 this talks about mental resilience which means more focus, more discipline, determination and will power. This works as a muscle, it gets stronger when you exercise it, it’s like tacking up without giving up. These counting actually built up your will power

Third mission, just observe this photos,

What we see here, is cute baby pics of animals , so you gets your awws when you see them, that’s emotional resilience which you have the ability to provoke powerful emotions when you saw those pics. So if you can manage to experience these emotions, you are dramatically improving your health and your health to tackle a problem you’re facing.

Last message your friend saying thank you or anyone else nearby just shake your hand..

If you did you’re facing social resilience, this shows gratitude, so here’s a fact so you’re just shaking your hand with someone, that raises your bloodstream, that’s your trust. That means you’re helping each other, this will linger during break, so take the advantage and mingle with others.

Now you completed the mission, so when I combine all these four, it shows that you’re standing still, showing will power showing your emotions, connecting with each other is somehow connected to you playing games. So it’s makes you physically happy or meeting someone or facing a challenge, you’re just boosting your resilience and using those mins to actually using 5256000 mins of showing your kindness to everyone, boosting your friendship, spending your time with friends and family, then congrats guys you are living 10 years more. So keep doing like that, every hour, every day in life all the way to your death bed, you will realise that more likely you won’t have any regrets because you have built up your strength to live a life to your dreams, and those years you are spending now , use them to enjoy playing games ,no matter it’s mobile, PC, Ps4 or even playing board games or with family , spend each time, each minute before you regret it later…



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