How Anime changed my life

I always was backward in life, I always didn’t have any idea as to what I’ll accomplish next. My life was always at pause. Every time I try something always gets me troubled. I had no skills nor what I wanted to do in future. But then I started watching anime with watching Fairy tail as my first choice, I slowly started watching each and every anime that comes on the site like one punch man, oresuki, fire force, sword art online and grew a bond watching it. Watching anime changed my life as they show stories and make me get an idea. Each anime I watch whether comedy, adventurous, I learn from them and start writing stories and now I’m a freelance creative writer and have been doing well.

I love watching adventurous anime and especially movies based on light novels and kept me still and made me Keep on getting fresh fresh ideas. I started watching many anime which are romantic, adventurous and kept on getting ideas. With these ideas I started writing short stories and poems . Now I started writing a novel and very soon I’ll be publishing it.

Anime is not just cartoons for kids but shows a persons creativity and dreams. To get ideas and learn lessons and help yourself to enjoy life.

Anime has taught me how find love,joy and laughter. They have become a stress killer for me.

Whether it’d be walking home from college or e listening to my music, or hanging out with friends, there are just so many little things in life that I often take for granted. Anime has taught me that there is joy and significance in the daily; that every day can be an adventure, and every day can be enjoyable as long as you want it to be.

Anime has taught me to find emotions,Due to some past experiences, I would generally keep a cold-stoned face wherever I went. But anime helped me to express my emotions easier. I would laugh, cry, scream, get angry, cringe, or tense up during certain parts of an anime, and through that I was able to translate it to my own life where I could be genuine about my emotions.

Anime has taught me the beauty and culture, their scenaries, they way they eat, live. It makes me feel like going and staying there and very soon if God is with me I might get my wish of getting to live in Japan.

I love to travel and find some adventure, after watching an anime called Yuru camp, made me feel like hiking, exploring and makes me feel the perfect aroma of life.

No longer did I feel the need to hide or pretend who I was; I could express myself in a way that’s true to who I am and not feel judged for it (though I can be a bit weird sometimes). Being comfortable showing my true personality was definitely a long process, but because of how awesome, crazy, and emotional anime is, it gave me an outlet to be myself without feeling ashamed about it.

Watching anime changed my life alot, it teaches us life is a purpose. Keep on having smiles and enjoy every memory till we last. It has Changed my way of lifestyle and help me become someone I want to be. Many may think I’m childish and just wasting my time but I have a purpose. Life has become a lot more fun, joyful, and exciting in many different aspects. It’s nice to know that I gained something valuable from anime, and hopefully there are people out there who discovered something amazing of their own through their experiences with anime.



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Isaiah Miyazaki

Isaiah Miyazaki


my life is full of adventures. I am guy without a business mind but the guy with a creative mind. I spend my free time in writing inspiration and spread joy